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Eddie Kilner would like you to get in touch with him as he is trying to trace as many of his pictures as possible from the 1950's onwards.  Click on the drawing below to email him!


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Some new pictures have been added on the Landscapes & Seascapes, Miscellaneous, Pet Portraits and the Rock Portraits pages.

Mark on 500 Honda
Mark on 500 Honda 2

Mark on 500 Honda.

Falklands 30th Anniversary commissioned painting.

Winning at New Brighton Promenade Road Races

Racing at 3 Sisters on 250 Yamaha

Mark Kilner, my son. He was a very successful rider of the 80's, second in the national champianships VF500 cup. This picture shows him riding 1000 Yamaha in the British superbike national championship. This career was cut short by a very bad accident in 1987.

Cartoon drawing by Chris Fenna in 1976, he was an ex-pupil of mine, and became an animator.

He is reknowned as being the creator of SUPERTED


My Thames van in the  Paddock at Aintree in the early 70's